Preparing Genexus to deploy applications on Unix with Java and Mysql

We’ll assume here that you already installed a Unix operating system, or Linux.

I’m using CentOS 5.0 (linux) on this example.

In addition I’m assuming that Apache , php and mysql is already installed, as well as phpMyAdmin since all of them came standard with most Linux.

Although we are not using any of those directlly on our application, we’ll use phpMyAdmin as a visual tool to connect with MySql, but in order to run phpMyAdmin you have to have Apache with php 🙂

Let’s start by downloading Tomcat and Java for Linux

If you are logged in your Lunux through ssh terminal, simply use the following commands:

this is for tomcat


or click here to download the file i used (Tomcat)

this is for java


or click here to download the file I used (Java)

Or just go to their sites and download them from there.

For Java, we are using the pre-zipped auto-executable rpm file.

This means, that first we’ll give the file the mode to be executed

chmod +x jre-6u14-linux-i586-rpm.bin


and them we execute it to install (you don’t need to rung the rpm command, it’s done automatically). This script install Java in the following directory /usr/java/default/.

Now let’s untar Tomcat. For compatibility reasons, let’s put it under the following directory: /usr/tomcat/default/ , but actually we untar it under /user/tomcat/apache-tomcat-5.5.27/ and later we create the symbolic link “default” to that particular directory.

tar xzf apache-tomcat-5.5.27.tar.gz

ln -s apache-tomcat-5.5.27/ default

Now, let’s configure the operating system with the appropriate global variables

At the end of the /etc/profile (file) we add the following commands:

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/default

export CATALINA_HOME=/usr/tomcat/default

Save and restart.
Now, you are ready to go.
Enjoy 🙂

Your First GeneXus Java + MySQL application

If you haven’t prepare your enviroment to develop under Java and Mysql, follow the steps on this post

  • Create a New Model
  • Select the compiler (Java)
  • Create Transactions (First)
  • If your default Data Storage isn’t MySql, Change it under “Preferences”
  • Hit “Execute” (it’ll create database and then run)
  • Enter some Data
  • See the data entered through MySQL Query Tools

That’s it, enjoy 🙂

See pictures bellow


Preparing Genexus to deploy applications on Windows with Java and Mysql

Download MySql for windows

Mysql Link  or the version I’m using for this blog here.


Let’s install some Graphic tools to work with the database

Original Link is here or this version here



Now let’s install Java Development Kit

From ( official site ) this version (here)


Now we need to install Tomcat from Apache (java server and webserver),

the official site is here (we are using version 5.5 ) and here our file


Here you have the gallery 





Now it’s time to create a GeneXus application (we are using version X )

Try this example


Enjoy 🙂